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Where Rivers Run Wild: Aqua Hungarica

2021 – 4K remaster coming soon...

1h 12m

audio language: Hungarian

available subtitles: English


VAD VÍZ: AQUA HUNGARICA | 2021. június 3-tól a mozikban
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written, directed & photography by

Zoltán Fehér

narrated by

Péter Forgács

assistant director

Marcell Costa


Pannonia Entertainment

theatre release date

June 3, 2021

Hungary was a country of waters. Shaped by the natural forces that collided at the foothills of the Carpathians and time itself. The wildlife here is in daily struggle with the elements and man-made changes. Where rivers ran wild, streams flowed through magical forests, thermal springs and extensive wetlands covered the landscape. Once upon a time, this country had a more diverse wildlife than anywhere else in Europe.

From Lake Kis-Balaton to the forests of Aggtelek National Park and the underwater jungles of Lake Hévíz, this film explores many of Hungary's unfamiliar landscapes. Fire salamanders that look like tiny dragons, elusive golden jackals, nocturnal otters, and "walking" catfish are among the many species featured. We will also learn about the changes that animals have to face to survive, the threat invasive species pose to native wildlife, and how the Carpathian Basin might have been like millions of years ago. This is the story of Hungary's wild waters...

Where Rivers Run Wild: Aqua Hungarica was released in cinemas nationwide in 2021 and has been a great success. It won the István Fekete Award at the Gödöllő Nature Film Festival, and the Best Documentary Award at the László Kovács and Vilmos Zsigmond Cinematography Awards. It has also been cited in the press as one of the most spectacular wildlife documentaries of the year and has been seen by more than half a million people since its premiere. Now the first chapter of the Wild Water trilogy returns in brand new 4K quality.

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