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Lost Forests

1h 12m

audio language: Hungarian



ELVESZETT ERDŐK | Természetfilm előzetes
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written, directed & photography by

Zoltán Fehér

narrated by

Tamás Széles

assistant director

Franciska Pőcze

Marcell Costa


Vad Víz Stúdió

coming soon...


The forest. A mysterious and rich ecosystem where all species - animals, plants and fungi - are interconnected. Where alpine honghorn beetles and legless lizards forage for food and mates in the undergrowth. In the cool streams, stone crayfish and alpine newts live their daily lives. And all this is watched from the canopy by flycatchers, finches and majestic birds of prey like the goshawk.

But Hungary's forests are no longer pristine. Only 2 percent are older than 120 years - and it would take even longer for them to reach a wild state. Today, forests are fragmented by roads and residential areas, and entire habitats are disappearing or become uninhabitable as a result of deforestation. This film explores the remaining mountain forest ecosystems and the problems they face in the Carpathian Basin in the 21st century. We will explore the complex relationships that define these communities, and travel back in time to uncover the wild past of the Hungarian mountains.

These are the lost forests of Hungary.

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