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A Past Encased in Gold


audio language: Hungarian



ARANYBA ZÁRT MÚLT | Magyar ismeretterjesztő rövidfilm
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director and cinematography

Zoltán Fehér


Márton Szabó

Péter Gulyás

assistant director

Franciska Pőcze


Vad Víz Stúdió

release date

December 23, 2023 (YouTube)

In most cases, nothing remains of a life form that lived hundreds of millions of years ago. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to find its fossilized bones. We must have a winning lottery ticket if we find an imprint of soft tissue, like skin. And sometimes, what we find is nothing short of a miracle: perfectly intact creatures preserved in every detail. Microcosms that we know exactly what they looked like in the age of the dinosaurs. But to do this, we need amber.

Amber is fossilized tree resin. The average person barely notices them because most of the time they are as small as a piece of jewellery. But for paleontologists, they are priceless. Remains that have been preserved with all their outer tissues. In our film, biologist and palaeontologist Márton Szabó and geologist Péter Gulyás introduce viewers to amber and the past they have encased.

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